Lately with all that’s happened I’ve been contemplating a lot.

About life, about relationships. People may deem me lazy or selfish not wanting to work full time. Not wanting a two bedrooms so my kids can more comfortable when visiting.

My philosophy is that life is too short. If you can get away with the less stress possible then why not?

I’m not keen to take out a huge mortgage. I don’t want to over extend. With the amount I owe I can pay it off quite quick then I’ll be mortgage free.

Just heard from my manager last night she’s got kidney disease. She’s only 10 years older than me.

Her life has been good but could have been better. When I first started working in Geelong I often told her you don’t need the money. Work part time, go spend time with your husband. She was always stressed out.

She’d buy food that’s nearly expired so it’s cheap despite both of them earning a good wage and no kids. She lived quite frugal.

That was in 2008. It’s 2019. She’s now reduced her days to 3 days a week. She’s still stressed.

I’m off to OG today to sort out house. Well final check before handing it over tomorrow and to visit my manager.

Also will go window shopping for furniture for fun since I don’t have room.

I’ve messaged her as can’t remember her address. Will ring work on way down if I’m stuck.