Being a health professional is a two edged knife.

On one side you know what others don’t know. On the other you know too much to ever have inner peace.

I went to visit a colleague today. She was telling me, how it feels like it’s taking too long. Why don’t they hurry up her treatment? At this rate her kidney will be damaged and so on and so on.

I advised her to be patient. They know what’s going on and well they can’t bombard the kidneys with too much treatment. It might cark it.

Plus the more she stresses out her blood pressure will be higher and it’s no good.

Not only she’s worried about the treatment itself she’s also worried that it might be lymphoma.

I asked her about markers. She said all the others are negative. Her kidneys are not scarred and kidney function preserved.

And still she worries. She’s been reading medical journals and then can’t sleep.

I tried my best to calm her down and told her to rest and take sick leave.

We are allowed 10 days a year over here and she’s got like 3 years worth not used. That’s like 30 days.

She can’t sit or stand up without her legs swelling. With our job we have to walk around or stand all day. Sitting is a luxury and like my vein guy says it’s gravity. Oedema is gravity related too.

She’s gained 5kg and it’s all water. I saw her legs today. They looked awful. She’s moon faced from the oedema or the meds.

One good thing she tells me when she goes swimming she floats really good and she can swim very fast without tiring 😂

Another good thing the renal consultant knows her. It means she will be looked after. That’s one of the perks of working in a hospital. Networking.