For our garden state. It’s lush, it’s beautiful and yet it’s deadly.

I didn’t even realised until the kransky lady told me about it yesterday.

Since then I’ve followed the news. It’s Autumn now and it’s so hot that the bush fires are burning out of control.

It’s been one of our hottest Summer so far. The news looks grim. Four fires have merged into one uncontrollable beast.

I feel for the people affected. The areas affected are now no go zones. It’s too late to leave. Thus people are sheltering inside their properties.

The cool change is coming now which means even more trouble.

The fires are about 37 miles from where I am. It’s in one of our State Park.

The freeway has been closed. You can see on the map the State Park.

I’m where the blue bubble is. They reckon it’s not until Wednesday that may be they can get the fire under control. The cold change is coming on Wednesday.