Met a random for coffee today. He suggested Starbucks and I was like what?

Not a coffee drinker that’s for sure. We ended up at Hudson’s which is another chain.

Turned out to be a cutie. He’s a year older than me and whoa…blue eyes..silvery grey hair with curls and he wears his hair long 😍

What a mix. I thought he was a foreigner as he’s got an accent but no he’s a Melbournian born and bred. He’s been mixing with the Spanish a bit hence the accent. Hmmmm

Our next meet we are off on walkies. He sounds like a nice guy. Genteel yet rides a motorbike.

At this rate I’ll be going on rides. Told Mr Boardie and he was like at least you’ve got something to hold on 😩

He’s terrible. He told me I’m the same. I’m not. He’s doubly terrible. Anyhow he turned around and told me I take it as a compliment. Big head.

Yesterday he said to me it’s healthy I’m chatting to other guys because it means I won’t cling to him.

I replied yeh well if someone clung to me I’d run a mile too. We are very alike. Two peas in a pod that is scared of commitment.

Our relationship works as neither of us want a relationship. A relationship means commitment and demands.

I know what I need and I also know what works. What works with me is Freedom. Freedom to be me and to come and go as I pleased. If I like your company I’ll seek it and then off I go. I’m not the sort to hang around and bore you to tears.

It’s nicer that way not being in someone’s pocket. I’ve learnt it the hard way. From now on it’s just I , me and myself.