I’m in Westfield shopping again. That’s two days in a row.

I’m hoping to buy two sets of quilt covers for hubby as they are on sale.

I suggested to him that now that I’m gone he can ditch anything floral and go for his own style. More masculine. His reply was blunt. I have no style.

Guess that’s pretty much sums it up. I’ve always been the one looking after that arena at our place.

I’m the one that’s chosen all the interiors and whatever else.

I’ve never chosen bright florals. Our beddings has always been stripey or muted designs to take him into account.

Anyhow here is me looking after him. I also need a step ladder for the new place.

Then off to officeworks to photocopy my baking recipe book so I can leave a copy for my girls.

Settlement is tomorrow. My day to move out is creeping up and I’m not ready.