I think I’ve done well. My youngest came for a walk last week. We went and got pastries and hot chocolate for her and a chai latte for me.

It was 2-3pm in the afternoon and I did promised her a walk and treat since it took her 45 minutes to get to me by public transport.

We had a nice time walking and talking. She liked the apartment and how it’s so close to the beach. She was hinting she’d like a bike so she can ride on the bike path.

I told her that she could do that. Her birthday is coming up. We’ll get her one. I’ve bought a padlock for the storage cage. That way she can store it in there.

Even hubby reckoned it’s in a great spot. You could hear the waves as soon as you walk out of the front door. He’s exaggerating. In a way he’s right. I can see the water from the front door of the complex. The beach is only a block and a half away.

I thanked Mr Boardie the other day. If it wasn’t for him dissecting I might have bought that apartment in Southbank and missed out on this one.

It was the lure of the beach that got to me in the end. Plus it’s also for the kids.

Today I’m determined to enjoy my new place. No more unpacking and cleaning.

First off is a trip to the coffee place. Going to get myself a real coffee, breakkie and a paper to read. Then I’m off to the beach to people watch.