My car safe and sound in the car stacker. It’s one of the one below. When I turn it on and punch in my apartment number it automatically finds it and brings it up for me.

What it does is move a car down and then move the others across so mine can come up. Then it opens the gate once mine is in position.

As you all know I suck at parking. Well if you don’t know now you know.

I’m a clumsy klutz as is and parking is just beyond me.

The first time I used the car stacker I was fine. When I drive down the ramp I have to turn right then right and right again until I get to the car stacker. In other words I do a complete U turn. The car park is like a U. Both sides have got a car stacker each with the centre filled with car spaces.

During the day the car spots in the centre are empty and thus I could cut through.

Well the other night I came back late and that option was not available so I sat there thinking what the hell do I do? I was nearly bawling my eyes out. I couldn’t reverse or go forward.

A car came through after me so I waved him down asking him how do I get over to the other side to park?

He showed me what I dreaded. A narrow lane with cages on one side and two concrete columns on the other.

He was really nice asking me if I needed him to direct me through? So I don’t hit the columns. I replied it’s okie.

I managed to get through just. All I could think of was my car scraping the sides.

Then the other day trying to park I got stuck half way. Could hear the gate latching on to my left side. I couldn’t get in or out. I must have oversteered so I was way over to one side.

It was awful. And one came to my rescue. In the end after the initial shock I sprung into action.

Couldn’t just sit there all day. So I mentally worked out how the hell I get the car out in one piece? I ended up turning my wheel all the way. It worked.

My car came out okie. It’s not in one piece but at least the paint is not scratched. The black rubber bits on the side above the wheels shielded it.

Thank goodness for that. I’m dreading taking it out next. Mr Boardie seems to think I’ll get used to it. But it’s not that easy.

I don’t need the car til Tuesday. I might drive back home in the morning and cook them dinner and stay overnight so I don’t have to leave too early for work.

Just thinking about it stresses me out.

Only nice bit. I’m going to get into routine and treat myself to a nice coffee, pastries and newspaper every Sunday morning at the beach.

I did feel a teeny weeny bit guilty biting into my Danish whilst others were slogging hard trying to keep fit 😂