We had it out last night. He came over for a F. I told him I felt he’s been weird lately. He said to me it’s because he didn’t want to encroach on my space.

Also he doesn’t do romantic. So if it’s dinner at home it’s semi-relationship and he might not come.

I told him well I invited him to dinner just to have something nice to eat. I don’t do romantic.

Anyhow in the end it’s like I only want to F you and that’s it. No relationship.

I basically said to him look if there comes a time when I want one I won’t beg. I never beg. You’ll have to do the begging 😂

I’m going to leave it at that. He suits me now as I’m not looking for a relationship at the moment.

When it doesn’t suit anymore then it’s time to part I think. Unless he begs 😂 that would be a sight to see..big head 😂

I feel better after the talk. I know where I stand. There’s no future with him.

Though it seems like through all of this we’ve been working at it. At this relationship we are having. To make it work for both of us.

Last night he said it again..after we both mentioned about encroachment. He was like look we will work it out.