We had our talk last night or rather text.

He tells me I say all the right thing. And thanked me. I replied I’m telling the truth as he’s already got a big head and I don’t want to make it explode 😩

So what happened ? He sent me a gif with a head exploding 😩

For some reason I dig his humour. Anyhow last night I told him how at work a young orderly said hello to me.

His reply was you’re already making hot friends lol

I think lots of factors are involved with me moving here. He’s told me he’s happy to support but no relationship. He has been helping out which is nice.

The other is he doesn’t go for single women because he’s scared they’d want a relationship in the long run and kids.

Now that I’m single it kind of throw the spanner into the works.

I’ve hidden my profile on AM. I have decided it’s a vicious cycle. I go on it because I’m bored and then the married men are busy as and so I’m still bored.

It doesn’t solve my boredom. I’m thinking of going out and meet people and well just enjoy the single life.

Plus one of the reason I like Mr Boardie is because he’s single. I don’t feel guilty.

Here is to little Miss Chicken getting out there.