Old school. I’m supposed to be pre-reading for my seminar that’s on this weekend.

Have been to Officeworks twice to print them out. I have succumbed to buying a printer mind you. Just quicker to print bulk at Officeworks.

No patience here that’s for sure.

Off to do groceries soon and try out lunch at a local restaurant then I’ll head home to cook for the kids.

A week goes so fast that it’s gone just like that.

I’m mindful of costs now since I don’t earn as much. I figured if I don’t use the toll roads I save about $9 each trip. The toll road saves me about 10 minutes.

So will go the long way back today and see how I fare. Either that or I’ll try to save half by dodging the tunnel. I can always merge later on in the trip.

The blinds people phoned me this morning to say my blinds are here. Problem is I’m not home tomorrow for them to install.

At this stage it looks like early in the day one day next week or the week after. It’s because Tuesday and Thursday next week I’ve got to be in the city by 10am.

So if they come at 8am and finish at 9am it might be a squeeze for me to catch public transport in.

Unless they start at 7:30am? We will see. The next few weeks my custom made stuff will start to rear their heads.