I was that tired today I couldn’t park my car 😩 after many gos of trying to line it up to go on to the car stacker I gave up.

In the end I sat there and let the next car go first. He was really nice and stayed to direct me to line up my car.

I got it in first go. Kudos to Mr 1.08. I don’t even know his name just that he lives at 1.08.

It was a long day at work and then I dodged the tolls by going the long way home. Ended up caught in traffic. They are trying to install new turns. Awfully confusing. At certain intersections you can’t turn right. It’s so traffic can flow.

It’s been a long long long day. I had two choccies at work and then ice cream just then. Time for bed I think.

Another mob is coming tomorrow morning to measure me up for the wall bed. I’m hoping they are prompt. The last mob has left me hanging 😩

He keeps on delaying sketches saying he’s busy etc etc.