The things I get asked. Last night a nurse rang down and handed me over to a doctor.

He wanted to know what strengths Physiotens came in? I told him 200mcg and 400mcg.

Then he asked me what strength is the peachy tablet? I told him now you’re racking my brains.

I could have looked it up for him as I knew one of them was pink but not sure which?

Anyhow, in the end he said he’ll prescribe the lower strength to be on the safe side. To which I second it.

I drove home last night and the first thing I did was went into the shop to investigate. The tablets were either light pink or brownish orange. Definitely not peachy.

Plus with so many generics around I wouldn’t have taken the risk of recommending the wrong strength. Don’t know if they are taking generics or not?

It’s always best to go low. Then if the blood pressure is high can increase the dose.

The funny thing is when I was investigating I found that the tablets had imprint of the strengths on them😂 Easily identified if the patients had their tablets with them 😂

Yesterday was a messy day but I got through it in the end.

One patient was allergic to penicillin and well there’s a cross reaction with another antibiotic.

She wasn’t sure when she had antibiotics last? Or if she’s ever had the one she’s about to have?

My line of questioning did not go anywhere. She couldn’t even tell me which pharmacy she goes to either.

Then I had a brain wave. They’d have given her the intravenous equivalent in theatre. And if they did and she’s sitting in front of me in fine form eating her sandwich then the oral ones are okie to be discharged home on.

And of course she did 😂

Duhhhhhh I felt so stupid. How can I be so slow? My excuse..I woke up 3 times the night before sleeping on the sofa at home.

That’s why I have always loved my profession. It’s lots of problem solving, trying to piece together a puzzle.

If only it wasn’t so stressful. Now I know why I work part-time. It’s fun. I love to be at work.