Going down to the basement to retrieve my brush and my runners. I need it for tomorrow to wear 😩

I went to the seminar in boots today and my knees are feeling it.

The quote for the wall bed came through. I won’t tell you how much. Let just say my eyes popped.

I really want to go with this mob as they are prompt and professional. The last mob kept on making excuses, fobbing me off.

Not only that he sent me a crappy sketch that was all wrong. With the edited sketch due yesterday and nowhere in sight.

So I ended up reasoning with myself.

It’s still much cheaper than getting a 2 bedrooms unit. Also I’ll get what I want.

Plus I did make 10K on the beach house. And I did save by not having to do the floorboards or the bathroom.

Looks like everything will come together soonish. Once ordered the wall bed will take 5-6 weeks to come.

My window is getting measured on Monday so they can order it. They don’t trust my measurements πŸ˜‚ then it will take 5 weeks lead time to make.

My dining table is due mid May. My orange stools 20/4. My kitchen mat 14/4. My island bench another few weeks. I ordered it mid March. At the most it should take 4 weeks.

By the time I finish with this place don’t think anyone will recognise it πŸ˜‚.

I can’t wait for the window to be done. It will be nice to air out the bedroom and to have a view.

I did buy this place because I had a vision for it πŸ˜‚