I walked to the seminar today as I felt pretty bad after sitting down all day yesterday.

May be it was because of this? I shared half with my daughter and had half of her pancake.

The walk along the tram route.

The tram depot. Trams still asleep. This was the yucky bit. One side was tracks. You can’t get down to street level. The other a high wire fence.

It’s where the druggies deal apparently not that I saw any.

My last 25 minutes of walking the app got me to follow the tram route.

I don’t think I’d want to do it again. It was a bit isolated and well if someone came with an axe no one would know.

I did save about 12 minutes going this way. So instead of 50 minutes it only took me 38 minutes.

Anyhow Mr Boardie can keep his route. I don’t think I’m keen 😊

He’s been awfully quiet lately so I’ve let him be. I’ve been busy too and I’m tired.

Today Mr Dutchie dropped me a message saying he’s got problems at home. So he’s going to lie low.

Told him all good. No point if it’s a hardship.

I think I’m over it. Why need a man when one can fix oneself? πŸ˜‚ if only πŸ˜‚