I’m happy. I think πŸ˜‚ my body clock hates daylight saving. Our clock went backwards yesterday.

Thus we wake up with a bit of light and the days get darker earlier. It’s a sign the dreaded Winter is coming.

I’ve been fluffing around and nothing much is getting done.

Well it has but not in order. Guess I’d better write them all down.


Blinds are coming tomorrow. Yippee doo.

Dining set mid-May

Island bench- end of April? If they can source the timber lol

Wall bed- May 16-17th that’s a definite

Window-week ending May 17th

It’s all happening.

I’m at home organising the apartment today. It’s a big mess. The kids came over on Friday. My daughter left Saturday after lunch and my son Sunday after lunch.

I have started volunteering at the MCG or otherwise known as the Melbourne Cricket Ground for the footy season. It’s great fun. My job is to scan the footy crowd to see if anyone needs help. People on crutches, the elderly or parents with young kids having trouble walking uphill from the station to the gates.

I have a walkie talkie to communicate with the buggy drivers to find a buggy for them. I have yet to learn how to drive. May be later on when I’m more confident.

For our trouble we get a free entry into the MCG and a $20 gift card credit for our meal.

I’ll let the coordinator know I can do a full shift this Saturday coming. I can only do day games . Night ones are too late for me to get back by public transport.

The guy I was with loved it. He wants to come again on Saturday and volunteer with me. He even offered to accompany me home so I’m safe. I declined.

I told the coordinator I’ll look after him next week. As she didn’t know what to do with him. He’s a bit slow but he means well. Our organisation takes in volunteers with disability. He’s one of 2?

Anyhow the reason I volunteered for the MCG is because the old program I was with is now a big mess. My job is now shared between 4 πŸ˜‚ I don’t want to help there anymore. I’d rather something that’s better organised.

Also it makes me get out and about. Meet new people. One of the buggy drivers is really cute. Similar age to me I think. He’s with the organisation. Plus Mr Boardie is a buggy driver too πŸ˜‚

Anyhow that’s life. Who knows how it will turn out πŸ˜‚

PS. the cute buggy driver barrack for the same team as me πŸ˜‚ double points πŸ˜‚