I met Mr UK many years ago in Sydney. Can’t remember when? I met him same time as jungle boy.

He’s skinny, he rides a push bike. And well very inhibited in the bedroom.

Then he moved to Brisbane with his family and that was that.

This morning I swiped right when I saw his profile. It didn’t click that it was him. Didn’t put two and two together. I have a soft spot for guys from the UK. It’s the accent 😂

Somehow he remembered me and super liked me.

We chatted and he seems keen to continue what we had. He’s since divorced. He keeps on asking me to make a trip up to Brisbane.

Anyhow he’s flying back there today. His last words were off to airport, stick around and don’t disappear.

Small world.

I’d better get up and have a shower. Cut my nails and go grab my usual coffee and pastry.

Meeting Mr Eel at the beach at 9am. He wanted to see me again. He’s going to teach me how to play frisbee 😂