This salt lake turns pink when it’s warm. I took this with my iPhone with no filter.

Mr Eel called me a copy cat as I copied him.

Anyhow it was a beautiful day so I drove there to see what’s the fuss is about. It’s about a 10-15 minutes drive from my place and I’ve never been 😂

Had a lovely 2.5hours with him this morning. He wore clothes that was like they came out of the 70s. Hippy gypsy kind of clothes. I asked him if he was cold and he said no. As he wears long Johns underneath his pants 😂

Anyhow he’s very entertaining. Reminded me of my Jim. Always wandering around the globe. He’s been to 150-160 countries already. He is a great person to converse with. Not sure as lover material though.

His van is decked out to the max. It’s like a tiny home. Mattress out the back. Set of drawers . He hides stuff under the mattress , up just where the roof of the car. He tucks everything in. His windows are covered with colourful Indian frills? Trims? Not sure when they were last washed? It looked grubby.

The van turned me off. Not sure what he’s living on? If there are no tours then there are no pays. He either is very frugal or he is bumming off his family.

I don’t know how he lives? I’m having trouble budgeting as is?

Tonight instead of buying a cucumber $1.50, punnet of tomatoes $3.50, bag of cos $3 and a capsicum $9/kg to make a salad I opted for 2 bunches of asparagus at $2/ bunch.

I’m hardly home this week and it will be a waste to have the salad in the fridge sitting there not eaten.

Have texted Mr Boardie for a fix and he told me he’s already fixed himself. Anyhow he’s busy this month so I won’t see him til May. So much for FWB 😩

I told him I won’t bother him til May. Anyhow he texted..Just about! I’ll be replaced at this stage with a sad emoji 😞. I told him he doesn’t have to worry with the way I’m going he won’t get replaced any time soon 😂