That’s how we Viet pronounce Springvale. Well the FOB ones anyway😂 lazy buggers.

I’m going on a famil food tour. They are looking for tour guides.

Springvale was where the Enterprise Hostel was. As a refugee you’d be located to the 3 hostels around Melbourne and we got pot luck Enterprise.

Now it’s developed into apartments.

Back then it was like apartments minus the kitchen. You weren’t allowed to cook in your rooms though we managed to make hot chocolates as my parents wanted us to have milk to spurt our growth 😂 and of course endless instant noodles as none of us could stomach the mutton/ lamb.

I still remembered the spaghetti bolognese, the steaks, chops and the stews.

Anyhow 39 years has passed and now it’s a jungle out there. Lots of cafes, restaurants, groceries you name it and Springvale has got it.

I still go back for groceries mostly herbs I can’t get in Box Hill. Plus there’s no where else that’s as cheap. And of course for the snacks and yummy treats.

Will hand in the evaluation soon. The tour wasn’t that great. Not much planning went into it. I think it can be better.