In a shitty package.

Mr UK asked me the other day how did I change my career? As in the process of it. He’s in finance and wanting a change. Yet he can’t get out as it pays well.

I replied well it was a long process. It’s not like it happened overnight.

It started many years ago. It’s not like I don’t like pharmacy. It’s like I like other stuff better 😂

All these years I’ve been doing short courses thinking I want to be a realestate agent or photographer or interior decorator or cafe owner, baker? Hold cooking classes and the list went on.

I’d always run out of puff. I’d be very enthusiastic at the beginning and then I’d sweep it aside. I’d lose interest.

In 2016 things happened at work and well I resigned. My thinking was I didn’t need to work. Thus I didn’t need the added stress.

Living at home full time with hubby made me realised our relationship was dying. We’d fight and fight. It was awful.

Since I wasn’t working much apart from helping out with the business I was bored stiff.

Thus I went back to studying.

And here I am a year on. My teacher got me my first shadow. A foot in the door and I haven’t looked back.

And to think it was my destiny. I ran away at home at the age of 2. I was forever roaming the streets at a young age and yet it’s only now near 50 that I’ve figured out it was meant for me all along. All the paths that I wandered on took me to here.

2019 I’m in my new place. My marriage has broken down and am now single. On top of that this new career I’m heading into.

I would never have thought all this was possible.

If you had told me as a prediction 2-3 years ago? I’d say you’re crazy as.