I only ever get nightmares when my mind is all over the place.

Last night I had one. We were due at my parents for a meeting. Kids weren’t fed. They seemed younger than they are now. My mum was upset as her social circle found out I was sleeping with married men. Which reflected on her as a mum.

I was like so? It’s not like I was making them leave their wives for me?

Fast forward to today. We are in fact having a meeting with my parents tonight. Dad already hinted the other day that it’s all mum’s doing and not his.

The thing is I’m worried. Mum wants to move into something smaller as dad is getting older. He’s in his late 70s.

I suspect she is wanting to do that to give us back the money we helped them to buy the house.

They’ve just spent 14K doing up their laundry. If I was wanting to sell I wouldn’t be wasting money like that.

Dad would be broken then. He loves his garden. He spends hours in it looking after his beloved plants.

What is he going to do with his time? I’ve been thinking about it for days and I can’t come up with a solution.

At the moment they are in a 3 bedrooms and study. It’s about 28 squares? 252m2 town house. Roughly 2700 square feet on a 325m2 land or 3500 square feet.

Dad has his own TV room and mum her craft room.

Not sure if they are ready to scale down? How are they going to cope being in a smaller place? They’d drive each other bonkers.

I don’t think mum has thought it through. Anyhow we will see what happens tonight. I might have to talk to my sisters.