I’ve been chatting to Mr UK. He’s insistent that I go visit him. He’d even pay for my air fares.

I told him no. In the end he’s coming down here to visit me. He’ll be staying at my place. His reasoning is that he can cut costs on accommodation and in turn use that money to take us out to eat etc etc. He’s in finance after all.

Even though I can pay my way I can’t fight that logic.

I’ve finally found out why he’s so keen to reconnect with me. It’s not because he’s keen on me. It’s because he can talk to me freely like talking to a stranger but in this case someone he knows.

And you’ve guessed it Mr UK is starring in an opera. In this case his own love story.

He doesn’t dare say it over the internet. He’s only willing to do it face to face.

Anyhow okie I might be gullible but I’ve met him before and he seems gentle and polite so I’m going to trust my first impression of him.

Let see what happens. Not that anything will happen since my period is due any day and he wants to come down on Sunday and stay til Tuesday.

It’s the only day slot in May that works since it’s Labour day on Monday and he can work from home on Tuesday. I’m decked out with printer and wifi so all good to go.

His only condition is that I’m to pick him up and drop him off at the airport. Which is fair. I’ll be using the Sky Bus though as I’m not keen to drive there.

Anyhow he will be sleeping on the spare mattress or sofa. I’m not sharing my bed. I’m over sharing my bed.

Let see where this leads. I’m not sure why life has thrown us back together? There must be a reason surely?

How cool is this? I had it for breakkie with my girl the other day. Looks great on presentation front. Taste wise? Disappointed. Waffle was a bit dry.