On the western front. Mum is staying put for now.

It took us all night to convince her. She’s worried that once we split things won’t be the same.

Anyhow have assured her look this divorce is not like the other two. We don’t hate each other. We don’t do stupid stuff to hurt or get back at the other.

We are still friends. Plus both of us are near 50. It’s not like we are ever going to get married or have kids?

Forgot that she doesn’t know he’s neutered 😂

Apparently she’s found a little unit that’s cute and lovely and all. Dad let on later that it takes 2 buses to get anywhere. Which means it’s not close to anything.

It’s got two tiny bedrooms. I asked her how are they going to function? They’d either stay in a small place or go out? Dad can’t go sit in the park all day? He’s got a little park right there? Dad loves his garden. And then there’s going to be neighbours within proximity?

Dad said he doesn’t want to move until he goes into a nursing home. Which is in a few years time?

This morning I woke up and it hits me. She only wants to move to stop dad from hoarding.

So have messaged my sisters. Mother’s Day is coming up. We can all pitch in and hire someone to help clear out the garden.

Get dad into the surprise since he told us last night he would do anything to keep the peace.

That should keep her happy for now.