I just feel lousy. Work sent an SMS to work out what happened yesterday.

They can’t find the medication in question. I did give it to the nurse. Now it’s gone missing.

So did she give it to the patient? Or took it home in her rush? As it was near end of shift. They can’t find it anywhere.

Asked the person on today to go find the drug chart and see if the dose was given yesterday.

I did dispense what was written up. So it’s correct just not what she’s supposed to take.

The opportunity for detecting the error was annulled when I gave the nurse that medication.

Turns out this morning that she’s supposed to take that active drug after all but a longer acting form. Another isomer.

In the big picture it would not matter with one dose.

Then why is it still niggling at me? Felt like I stuffed up.

Reason why I’m working less. Stressful job. In my profession the golden rule is to Never Assume.