I had a dream I was meeting someone..we talked.

He said he had a big house, swimming pool the works but he wanted to downsize. We had a great discussion walking through my place.

I was showing him how he could downsize.

The next scene: I saw a doctor I used to work with and thus said hello and gave him a hug.

I gestured his hair as he didn’t look like himself. His hair looked brown instead of grey.

He said something about trying to look young. I laughed.

After that everything went down hill. A guy pulled me aside and told me to stop being a slut. That he could hear my conversations and not talk too loud.

And that my husband had him following me and he knows all of my doings.

I got upset and said for goodness sake I used to work with him.

Then off I went. Went back on the bus. Gave my doctor a neck massage.

The bus went on and on to a country town. We got out and there was this depilated lodging with a timber bench for a bed. A table and chair for him to consult.

I asked if I could bum with him. He didn’t say anything. We both brushed our teeth with running water which was yellow/brown as.

I remembered thinking I could feel the grit in my mouth.

Next minute: I woke up.