Ashley and Madison checked

Kik checked

Tinder checked

OK Cupid checked


Facebook deactivated.

Asked hubby if it’s okie to sort out our divorce date. He said yes.

Sent Mr Boardie an email to say good bye.

Sent Mr Tour Guide an sms saying I don’t have anything to offer him only to have him blasted obscenities at me.

I’m done

Yet my eyes are not. They’ve been bawling

My heart hurts badly today.


Thanks for the lovely words. The reality is that you will find someone much nicer and much more suitable than me. I hope you realise your self worth and aim for that level rather than revert back to what it was like before. I didn’t know you long but I think you will be much happier if you do. I’m glad you enjoyed our time together as I did too. 😊