Of loving. The last few days I learnt more about my body then all the years combined.

I learnt I liked it slow and gentle. I learnt to squirt without trying. It came naturally.

I learnt that if the build up is there I wanted it so bad.

I learnt to just lie there listening to my body’s wants and needs.

I learnt I didn’t get sore or only want it once. I wanted it all the time.

And even with doing it time and time again I craved and craved it more.

I learnt I liked it when I get teased terribly. I learnt I love the cuddles and the intimacy of sharing.

I learnt I was missing out all these years and never knew.

I learnt I wanted a relationship. But not with just anyone. I wanted one with someone that I could share that with.

Share the beautiful act of making love. I knew it was different from the rough quick sex that I’m used to.

I just didn’t know it was that good. This morning I woke up with tears in my eyes.

For someone that I couldn’t remember I slept with he’s sure made his mark this time around.

He’s claimed me totally.