My friend came to visit today. We’ve known each other since high school. She’s the same age and star sign as me. Not only that same Chinese zodiac as well.

We are very alike. She’s in project management and has climbed the ladder whilst I stayed put.

We had brunch and then went walkies along the beach to chat.

Only reason we were doing that was because as of today she’s unemployed. She’s resigned from her stressful job.

I asked her what’s her plans and her financials? She told me well I can afford to go for a few months and then I’ll have to look for another job. Six months is the most she can hold out for.

Her husband is much older than her and thus he’s been at home for a few years now with no inclination to head back into the work force.

Thus she has to be the bread winner. We talked a lot today. She confided in me that she wanted out of project management so that she can slow down. She wanted to start working part time.

The thing is she doesn’t know where to head? Or what to do? I advised her to relax for now and explore her options.

May be this is a good time for her in between jobs to research and see what she wants to do?

She’s also told me to take my time. Gain my independence and then see. It’s no good trying to find someone so that I can be financially viable. It’s bad news.

I think we did good today. I was down in the dumps and it took my mind off things. She said she’s glad we had our talk as it helped her as well.

I’ve always thought all my friends had their life sorted aka all their shit together. I never delve deeply into it. Guess I’m not the only one facing challenges. I’m in a better position than she is.

She’s back living at her mum’s. May be to generate income from her house? So her husband don’t have to work. It makes sense now.

I always thought it was so she could keep an eye on her mum? I didn’t realise until today that may be they needed to?

Anyhow life. You never know where it takes you.