Mr UK asked me if a leopard can change its spots? I replied yes if it wants to bad enough.

I’ve always thought it was possible.

We are of a certain nature.

Take me for instance? I’m a nice person. Well I try to be. I’m also romantic. That’s me.

In that sense I can’t change who I am.

Then there is the horrible me. The one that’s just plain awful. The one that comes out when people pushes me around or trial my patience.

Well that horrible me can change. Because it’s not me. I don’t want to be that person. Thus I would much rather associate with nice people so that that part of me doesn’t come out.

I also know that once it does and you keep at it then it eventually become a bad habit.

It goes also for my promiscuity. To me it’s a bad habit not my nature.

Habits can be broken if you want to bad enough. There is hope.