I think I’ve solved my friend’s problem. I’ve seen job sharing work.

In the olden days they wouldn’t let us job share in the hospital pharmacy world.

It’s too complicated. The patient’s load is horrendous and well it just doesn’t work.

But it did. I saw it first hand when I was doing my traineeship 20 plus years ago.

The job was shared between two colleagues who are also friends. They made it worked.

The trick is they need to have the same working style as you. You get on well with them and both of you are good at communicating.

And guess what? Management gets two brains for the price of one.

Plus it’s easier now. Everything is computerised. Instead of writing hand over notes I’m sure tasks can be assigned on the computer?

Job sharing only falls over when one of the two doesn’t pull their weight. So there goes. It works.