I’m researching for tour guiding. I love it as I love finding facts that people don’t know. Now I know where my son gets his love for facts from? It’s from me 😂

Tonight I’m researching the built of a tunnel. Thus learning about water table and aquifers and whatever else 😂

It’s quite interesting.

Found out our sound tunnel is called Jeff’s condom..after one of our premiers. Our exhibition centre is called Jeff’s shed as it looks like a shed 😂

From above the sound tunnel does look like a sheath.

Our international gateway.

All of the visitors to Melbourne from the airport will pass through this gateway.

The yellow cantilever is a modern arch way ie. the yellow represents the Gold rush in Victoria. Like a boom gate opening in an upward position.

The red sticks represent our wheat industry.

Not sure why they are red. Need to dig further.