Each state vote differently here. Where I am it’s the Australian Labor Party (ALP) Though my electorate voted Liberal.

In Queensland it was Liberal all the way.

I don’t know much so I vote as I usually do. I have always voted Liberal. I don’t pay attention to who offers what. Anyhow that may soon change as the Libs are not what they were years ago.

The ALP was supposed to win. It was going to be a sure win and well let just say they stuffed it up big time.

They went into details about how to get taxes to fund their vision etc etc.

I mean who wants more taxes ? And we all know as Australians they haven’t got the best track record of spending and keeping to the budget. They always over spend šŸ˜‚

Anyhow the cute buggy driver was supposed to drive yesterday but because he helped with the polling booth he couldn’t come. He was shattered as he was passionate about the ALP.

A new addition to my court yard. My friends got me some mint. They asked me what I wanted and I told them not much as no room. I suggested a pot of herb.

Mint is hardy. I’ll have a hard time killing it šŸ˜‚ I use it a lot in my cooking so it will come in handy.