With me.

Our daughter parked on the street the other week and her car got broken into.

Costed $800 to fix.

Then on Thursday I went shopping and came home to find no car park. I was livid so rang the shop.

The pharmacist answered. Told her please get the car moved as it’s in my spot.

It was our shop girl who parks there. She’s got a BMW convertible. She’s all look. And well when it rains she parks there and at other times too.

Last night I texted him telling him no more. It’s my spot and if it happens again I’ll have her car tow away.

He won’t know what hits him. I’m done with playing nice. He’s over stepped the line.

Today I’m going to order one of these to install it into my car spot. Desperate measure.

I’m not going to rent out that car space to him. When I don’t need it anymore I’ll give it to one of the kids.

Don’t mess with me. He’s been messing with my parking since 2008. Ever since I went to Geelong to work I’ve often come home after 2 hours of driving with no car park.

Last night I didn’t sleep very well. I had a bad nightmare. I was so angry at him. I didn’t realise how angry I was at him and our staff.

Our daughter wrote off her car on Thursday. She was going through the round about when another car T-Boned her.

Over here you have to give way to the right so the 4WD must have gone through on the passenger side. She had the right of way.

Thank goodness. If not she wouldn’t be here today.