Public Transport?

I’m raking up tolls like there’s no tomorrow. Averaging $115-$150/month. It’s crazy. That’s like upwards of $1800 a year.

So I’m going to make good use of my Myki card. I just bought an annual one for $1722.50. It gives me unlimited travel on train,tram and buses for 365 days. Which amounts to roughly $4.70 a day.

My prior estimate was 2 daily trips a week or $17.60 thus $915.20. It’s not working out as I’ve been topping up $50 every 2 weeks. And that’s with limited use.

If I only use the car to go to work ($16.20/week) it’s $842.40 a year in toll. Which means I save $950 a year that can go towards my Myki.

Guess since I only work 1 day a week an hour on public transport to go back either way is not going to kill me. I’ve got time to spare..NOT.

Either that or be organised and go back a day early to stay overnight to cook dinner and tidy up for them.

I HATE budgeting. It’s doing my head in. To think I used to love Maths 😩.