I should count my blessings more often. I went to a meet up the other day and it turned out one lady was a pharmacist.

She’s since retired. New to Melbourne as she’s originally from Queensland.

It turned out she’s divorced. To get away from her husband? As he’s got another?

More so to move closer to her two kids. They are both down here.

Life is too short they say. She confirmed it. She nearly died 10 years back from a stroke.

She walks with the help of a cane. She can’t walk further than a few metres. She doesn’t want a scooter as then she’ll get lazy and don’t walk.

Her left side is pretty much not all there. She’s got a brace to help her leg move. Her left hand curls up.

She told me every year I celebrate my birthday. Because life is precious.

I’ve always dreaded birthdays. It’s like another year has gone by and I haven’t achieved anything much.

I’ll have to look at it in another way. That I’m a year older. A year wiser and who cares if I’ve achieved anything or not?

Looks like I’ll be celebrating my birthday this year.