My photo for the day. I love churches. Went for a wander and ended up in the city.

An unruly passenger stopped our trams on the way back. Because of her there was a whole line of trams stuck.

The problem was the driver wouldn’t let her stay on the tram as she had a dog with her.

I’ve just had a look at their website. She’s not at fault if her dog was muzzled or on a leash or in a suitable dog container.

Apparently her dog was tiny and inside a handbag 😂 which meant she wasn’t following the law.

After all that hassle the driver got off and a new driver got on.

Our tram went 90% of the way and let us all off. It is so the next tram can get through since he was running late.

Letting us off 3 stops before the end stop meant he saved 12 minutes.