He’s so cute much better than his profile pic. And best of all he barracks for my footy team 😂

I made myself go out tonight to a meet up. It was a lot of fun. Met big Al. He’s big all right. His mannerism reminded me of someone I knew.

We hit it off yapping away. He said guess you won’t be my tour guide for VN. I told him no.

Anyhow had a lovely time. Probably see him at the G on Sunday since he watches the footy every week 😂

I didn’t get a chance to say good bye as had a tram to catch. Felt bad so posted a thank you to him on Meet Up for looking up the tram time for me.

Met another newbie. She was really nice so will probably catch up with her. She’s semi retired so got time to spare.

I like it that these meet ups are friendly and not about dating. Have more fun when there’s no expectations.

Note to self..take it slowly 😂 no sex involved 😂

Tomorrow off to walkies with my buddy. Then kids are coming at night.

Saturday and Sunday I’m driving the buggy. And that is my weekend all wrapped up.