Awaited wall bed arrived today except for 3 missing panels. They stuffed up the painting thus they are painting new panels for me and it should be ready to be couriered down on Friday.

ETA Monday lunch time or afternoon and two guys are going to come out to put it all together on Tuesday. It should take all day.

It’s massive as you can see where my dining suite ends. I’ll move the table further to the left once the window has been installed.

That way it’s 700mm added space to account for the chair at the end.

The cabinets are a bit taller than as is because they will all have a 100mm kicker board to line them up with the wall bed.

At the moment it’s housing some of my boxes. Once the wall bed is in on Tuesday I can unpack the boxes and then next week the window is going in on Thursday.

It’s all happening here.