Lol no it’s not what you think it is. This week I’ve been sitting down working out my budget.

It’s sucking bad 😩 I can’t seem to keep it under 50K a year which I want to do. I don’t earn that much and it might mean I’ll have to work more which means my way of life has to change.

So to cut costs:

Use less toll road- only two trips a week for work. At $8.10 a trip.

Presently-$150 a month

Cut down on eating out-Presently $250/week

Cook more substantial and cheap meals-Groceries-Presently $150/week

Go wandering more? Use less electricity 😂might wear out my shoes faster?

I’m not doing too great on the budget front. Everything costs.

On Tuesday I cooked- costed me $37.45 for groceries and that lasted 2 meals for 5 well we didn’t end up with vegies last night as he didn’t shop.

That was using cheap ingredients like mince.

I also spent $26 on take away. One was for me to bring to work yesterday for lunch. One set for the kids to bring to lunch.

I didn’t eat it all thus I still have left overs for lunch today.

I have been cooking two meals a week for the family. It’s my contribution.

Dinner with my daughter the other night came to near $90 for the two of us. When there are 4 of us the cost multiplies.

Mr Boardie’s insight-He said to me the other night it’s not the food. The kids just want to spend time with you. He remembered from counselling that it helps to have a routine. Some stability for them in the world of divorce.

I am trying. My Fridays are for the kids. I will start going to the market in the morning and cook for them in the afternoon.

It’s nice spending time with them. Not like at home when they are around but not really there.

Then Tuesday or Thursday I go back to cook depending on my commitments.

It’s been near 3 months since I’ve moved out. Still lots to consider.