Yesterday I was debating whether to tram it or drive to the meet up.

In the end I took the tram. Well two trams with two blocks of walking to connect trams. I like to walk and well the idea of fighting the traffic and then trying to find somewhere to park didn’t appeal.

Taking the tram took me an hour to get there and another hour back but since I’ve got unlimited travel with my Myki it just made sense.

Driving there would have taken 40 minutes or more in peak and half an hour back at night. Doesn’t count for time to get out of the car stacker.

I did have my little torch with me and since the meet up finished just after 8pm I was home before 10pm.

I’m getting used to getting home late from my stints at the G.

It’s something that I have to face now living alone. My personal safety when I go out at night.

I just have to be mindful of which street to walk to connect the trams. There are streets in Melbourne that you wouldn’t walk it at night.