I drove again today and since Mr Burnley barracks for the Magpies I met up with him.

I saw him on the way in and we made plans to go out after the game.

He took me first to a titties bar ummmm it’s a stripper bar where men have drinks and watch shows. Where the bar maids are topless.


Lol it’s not like I haven’t seen it all before? Then we went to another bar.


I think he had intentions. Ie get me turned on..pry me with drinks and whola take me to bed 😂

Poor him I had water at both venues and he’s still in the friend zone. He did try though and put his foot in his mouth again.

He told me he’s on the verge of cancelling his 8pm date to be with me. His 8pm date has her period 😂 so I let on..you’re not having much luck tonight as I’ve also got mine 😂

His idea is that if he can’t find Miss Right I can be his fall back girl 😂

It was fun going out. I discovered two new bars that I wouldn’t have gone into.

We will probably go out again. Next time probably to dance.

He’s good company but as friends. I don’t think I can ever turn that friendship into anything else. It doesn’t stop him from trying though. He tells me I’m a challenge. Lol

Night time is very different from day time.