Mr UK is not too happy with me. I Whatsapp him to tell him I won’t be continuing with him.

Not like we are chatting that much and well he lives miles away. Plus flying up there is going to put a huge dent in my budget. So he wrote back asking what am I doing?

Told him I love sex and why should I deny myself whilst waiting for Mr Right?

Once I’m in a committed relationship I’ll stop. It’s not like I’ll be sleeping around once I find him?

He tried talking me out of it saying sex is much better when you’re doing it with someone that you’re in love with, emotionally involved with.

And that I’ll get hurt again. And and and and ..

Anyhow I’ll have to figure out my own way..I’m not just going to settle for just anyone. Meanwhile I’ll put myself out there and see..

For now I think FWB is a great idea. It will stop me jumping into bed with guys until I know them better.