He cooked me dinner. Mr Burnley cooked me dinner.

After the footy he asked me what I was doing? I told him not much. He then asked me to dinner.

I said yes thinking we were going somewhere in the city. We ended up going back to his place.

And of course what happened happened …NOT.

He started touching my legs..then my crotch..my butt..my breasts. He wanted to kiss me and whatever else.

He was a broken man. He lamented that he knows how much I love sex and yet I didn’t want him.

I asked him to walk me to the station. There was no trains running. In the end I went to the bus stop and he rushed to the loo in a pub.

As soon as he went in the bus came and I got on. Texted him to say thank you for looking after me and that I’m on the bus.

The bus driver was great. He’s cute and well there were only the two of us. Thus we got chatting. He told me Mr Burnley only had one choice..to pry me with alcohol šŸ˜‚ I laughed and said I don’t drink.

He then advised me to start drinking šŸ˜‚