Brunch was good. He was a gentleman and paid for the meal. Didn’t expect him to. Told him next time I’ll shout.

Also let on that I’m off to speed dating tonight and he was like then you’ll never see me again.

He’s a bit of a whinger which was a put off. May be it’s because he hasn’t had his coffee and was hungry as he didn’t have any breakfast.

Anyhow he looked different today. Unkempt, hasn’t shaved, pot belly even more prominent.

I’m like what the? Get with it. Anyhow we will take it slow and see.

I don’t want to end up with a lazy bugger who drinks? A grumpy old fart?

I think he likes me. He told me he was going to go travelling with his friend this year to Prague and Paris but he doesn’t feel like it now.

I told him my trip might be postponed to 2021 now as my youngest is doing VCE next year, her final year of high school.

Plus it will give me time to save up and plan the trip properly. Also time to find someone to go with me.

As if I go I want to go in June when the weather is nice and warm.