We learn.

I messaged all my dates this morning to thank them for the chats.

One guy got back to me and asked me what I was doing tonight? Thus I replied quiet night at home.

I asked him what did he have planned? Netflix and wine. Then he asked me would I like to join him?

I ended up driving to his place and we watched a movie together. Ate chips talked about relationships, the challenges and the people that was there.

OK so I ignored my safety precautions. First date never go to a guy’s house. Though I did texted Mr Burnley to tell him to call the police if I don’t touch base again before tomorrow. And gave him the address.

Mr Tiger..he’s only 44. He seemed nice enough. From the sound of things he’s had a lot of bad luck from relationships just recently. Or he’s afraid of commitment as he’s the one calling relationships off.

He told me girls in their 40s are very angry or bitter at guys. They are quite abusive.

I told him guys in their 40s are running scared. The divorce ones don’t want to commit unless it’s someone extra special.

He seems to think girls are all ffff up, come to think of it he swore a lot.

He also thinks he’s missed the boat so he doesn’t want kids. He also doesn’t want to be a dad to someone’s else kids.

Thus he’s looking for either someone with grown up kids or someone young enough to have his kids well if they are able to. Not 40 something lazy buggers that goes drinking all day then who looks after the kids? Him?

Plus he was like even if he has kids it’s like the kid will only be 16 when he’s 60. He’s already tired now. He wants to enjoy life and go travelling 3 trips a year?

Sounds like he’s got money. As the house I went to was massive near my parents and he hasn’t sold it and yet he’s already bought another in Brunswick where I used to have my rental.

I like it that dating at this stage in life is very straight forward. It’s like all of the cards are laid on the table. Therefore it’s up to you to decide do you want it or not?

There’s no ambiguity like when you’re younger.

The catch is you also need to know what you want.

One thing I learnt tonight from Mr Tiger’s ..I’ve got my sh..t together 😂

***this post was supposed to be posted at near 12am. I fell asleep