Nope not me though I could if I wanted to as haven’t had a fix for a week. Gosh I love sex. If only there are willing partners around I can have it every day πŸ˜‚

That aside my shower flooded this morning. The stupid grate was full of hair and they tiled on top instead of leaving it as is. I can’t lift up the tiles to clean 😩 Has to resort to a pair of tweezers to pull all the gunk out.

Ended up giving my bathroom a once over. No reflection as I was in a nudie πŸ˜‚

One good thing it’s not the toilet that’s leaking. That would have costed a mint to replace.

Now I need to get my car out to go to the market either that or just walk there. It looks okie outside. May be I’ll just walk. Tone up my legs and butt.

Kind of miss Mr Walkies. He should be flying back today from Japan

Errand list for today:

Pay body corporate

Pick up mail

Buy coffee

Buy condoms πŸ˜‚