Another week gone. I don’t know where it went?

Today I’m off on a date with Bob the Builder. Another lunch, another walkies.

Then will go home to rest and then tonight off clubbing. I’m going alone. Fingers crossed it’s fun.

Tomorrow I’ve got a 3 hours walk in the morning. Afterwards need to rush home to grab the car to go to a piano concert. My daughter is playing.

After I’ve dropped her at home I’ll head to my parents place to visit since I’m around the area.

Lately it’s a lot of planning so I don’t take toll roads or waste petrol. It means I think more about what I am doing. Not a spur of the moment thingy unless it’s going into the city. As I’ve got a ticket to endless train/tram/bus travel.

Was going to visit my parents today but then it’s an extra trip there and back. So will leave it for tomorrow.

Potens Sui-mastery of self. I wonder how many of us after 30 years have mastered our own self?

Yesterday was our 30th school reunion. It was fun catching up with people. So many familiar faces. Some has changed most of us still look the same albeit older.

It’s like 30 years has gone by in a flash. We still remembered the school song.