Yesterday Bob the Builder hinted that it’s cheaper to go on holidays as a couple. He sent me brochures of holidays to Phuket and Bali. It’s like 7-8 days packages.

I’m not keen. First of all I want to save money for Paris.

Also it feels like he’s trying to kidnap me away for himself and I’m worried.

We haven’t kissed as yet. He tried to kiss me and I just clamp my mouth shut πŸ˜‚

I’m scared. I’m scared he’s growing on me. I’m scared of all the underlying issues that’s there. That we are getting serious. I told him kisses leads to sex and leads to implications.

He then joked okie I won’t ask you to marry me this year. May be next year?

I’m like…

Lately I’m not so sure about getting married again. I don’t mind single life now. I’m adapting fine and I find that I do love the freedom it gives me not having to answer to anyone.