Bob the Builder rang me last night to plan. He thought he had me to himself for Saturday to go on another day trip.

Don’t think he was too happy that I’m helping at the MCG.

I asked him to join me on a walk on Sunday and he’s got golf and footy.

So now we are meeting Wednesday after work for dinner. Initially he wanted me to drive to his place and eat somewhere near by.

I was like I’m not driving anywhere. I’m driving home. After a long day of work I’m staying put.

If he wants to spend time with me he’s got to make an effort.

Then I found out he’s working from home on Wednesday. Which means it’s not much of an effort is it?

And yet he wanted me to drive to his place. Hmmmm either he’s selfish or he just want to lure me back to his apartment.

Not only we are meeting Wednesday we are also meeting for dinner after the MCG service on Saturday.

And to think I wanted a quiet weekend.