I took the train to Footscray station after the game. I got a bit worried as my coordinator alerted me to the problematic Footscray.

It used to be a Viet area, now more so Sudanese. Pack mentality where they only attack in groups. Not a safe area to be walking around at night.

Not that I would have walked at night when it was predominantly Viet anyway. Footscray was well known for drugs.

It was agreed that he was to come pick me up at the station and walk both of us back to his place.

I didn’t dare go down to the street level to wait for him. I stayed up top in the station near the PSOs (Protective Service Officers).

We ended up going groceries shopping first. Dropped off the groceries at his place then went across the road and had Ethiopian for dinner. It’s an acquired taste. Don’t think I’d do it again.

They serve little bits of food on a flat pancake. The aim was to break off the pancake and fold the food inside to eat.

The pancake/crepe had a fermented taste. It’s mildly sour. The food , vegetables, meat and sauce were supposed to make it interesting.

It’s very pungent of spices. To the point where you’d burp up what you just ate. Not sure why he likes it so much. Guess he’s used to it living in Kenya. He says it gives him comfort and contentment of being full. His stomach never goes hungry.

Afterwards we came back to his place to chill.

I stumbled upon a little album. I thought it was of his niece or nephew.

It turned out it was of him. It contained all of his photos from when he was a baby til when he’s 50.

The memories, the wedding with his ex. It was all there.

We cuddled and had our little talk . It’s nice. He told me he thought that was why I was unsure.

He assured me that the reason he’s stayed single all these years was that he wanted to be able to lift himself up and not needing someone to do the lifting.

He’s also OCD. He hangs his socks out in pairs to dry. He folds his handkerchiefs. He has a top sheet under his quilt cover 😂

I let on that I hope he doesn’t think that I’m a subservient Asian as he’d be disappointed.