The Parliament House architecture tour I’ve waited months for.

Red is the Upper house. I asked her why the house had two different carpet through out. She said it is so members of each house knows which part they are to go.

Also for the Queen when she comes to visit as she’s not welcomed in the “green” areas.

I loved the details. Very wedding cakey.

Only two can sit on this throne. The Queen or the governor.

The angels.

The original chandelier now in the library.

The fire place. Each corner of the library had one.

The green room is the lower house.

The beautiful tiles.

Close up

Old books.

Marble stairs

More stairs

When the light appears , red or green members have 4 minutes to make it to their chamber.

Where the press sits. Can you see any profanity?

It’s real gold. Melbourne was extremely rich in those days. We had loads of gold.

Queen’s Hall

Apparently the statue is much taller than the Queen in real life. Also she would never wear something like that. By Marshall Wood